Despite a hurricane, the 2016 Annual meeting successfully concluded with accolades from the attendees. 

To our distinguished faculty and all who braved the weather in an effort to join us, we thank you! 



News & Notes

We are behind on this!  Renewal for 2017 will be out soon, no worries though we will not drop you as members unless you don't pay by a later set deadline.  

If you attended the 2016 meeting then you are automatically a member for 2017.... again... more to come

SSET: is a professional organization formed in 1960 to provide a forum for the exchange of information among technologists, students, lab managers, physicians, institutions involved in EEG, evoked potentials, polysomnography, nerve conduction studies, and other related electroneurodiagnostics (END) areas.


SSET serves its members through an annual meeting, information forums, discount programs, and online tools.

WHO ARE WE? Click here to find out!

We are officially a chapter of ASET.  What does that mean?  

Most of the perks come in the form of enhancements to the administrative and legal structure of the society.  As SSET members not much will change except you are now eligible for some additional perks.  One major perk is your eligibility to listen to three free ASET webinars recordings per year PLUS we receive a 40% discount on additional webinar recordings, for use in chapter education programming!

Part of the reasoning in becoming a chapter was to try to attract "new blood" to SSET leadership.  With structure support from ASET and a strong Policy and Procedure manual hoped to be completed by fall, we want to make it less intimidating for people to become leaders of this wonderful society.  More to come.......​

SSET: Southern Chapter of
ASET- The NeuroDiagnostic Society