Executive Committee:

employed by: eLearnEND, LLC

years in END: in 1981 I was trained to do EEG's and never looked back.

(you can do the math)
fun fact: I competed in gymnastics competitions when I was YOUNG!  

Past- President: 
Kimberly Ann Piper, CNIM, R.EEG/EP T.
years in END: 25
fun fact: Boston Red Sox and Patriots fanatic.
I have more than a thousand pieces in my Peanuts Collection, with my

favorite piece a bean bag Snoopy from 1973 that was given to me by

my daddy that started it all!


Michelle Kelley, R.EEG.T, CNIM, CLTM 
employed by: Emory Health Care 
Years in END: Since 1989, I don’t like to count it, makes me feel old,

which I am not!
fun fact: My oldest daughter is in the END field too, makes it even

more fun than before : )

Cinthia Jenkinson, R.EEGT., CLTM

employed by: All Children’s Hospital
years in END: 32
fun fact: (spoken like a true bean counter) I have no fun fact!? I don't like those types of questions!

SSET Board at Large


James Watt, CNIM, R.EP.T

Michelle Kelley, R. EEG. T, CNIM, CLTM

Cinthia Jenkinson, R.EEGT./ CLTM

Newsletter editor: in progress
Website chair: in progress
Membership chair:  in progress
2017 Education Chair: Michelle Kelley/Clare Gale

2017 Course Directors:

Historian: Kimberly Ann Piper

SSET Board Information

Call for nominations for President-elect and board soon to come!

SSET: Southern Chapter of
ASET- The NeuroDiagnostic Society

SSET: is a professional organization formed in 1960 to provide a forum for the exchange of information among technologists, students, lab managers, physicians, institutions involved in EEG, evoked potentials, polysomnography, nerve conduction studies, and other related electroneurodiagnostics (END) areas.


SSET serves its members through an annual meeting, information forums, discount programs, and online tools.

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